3 Ways Boat Rentals Boost Your Fun Factor

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 26, 2017

You just took the plunge and booked a boat rental, and you can’t wait to get on the water. You’ve been especially busy lately, and this mini-vacation allows you to spend some time relaxing and recharging your batteries. You look forward to sunbathing on the roomy deck and listening to mellow tunes while the boat cruises along. You’d also like to add another onboard diversion (or two) to spice up your time aboard. Here are some tips to make sure your boat rentals are the best they can be!

Don’t Miss Out: Your Boat Rental Can Amp Up Your Fun Factor!

Indulge in Your Favorite Water Sports – If you’re a devoted water-skier or wake-boarder, bring along your gear and find several wide-open spots that are perfect for an epic ride. Or, maybe you’ve become a SUP (stand up paddling) fan, but finding a peaceful creek or reasonably calm river has been a challenge. So, carefully stow your board on the boat and find several off-the-beaten-path paddling spots.

Let’s say you’re addicted to snorkeling, as you enjoy getting up close and personal with curious fish and gently swaying seascapes. If you live in south Florida, or other locales with highly visible sea life, find an accessible reef and let the explorations begin. In fact, visit several different spots, as you might encounter varied habitats and fish populations in each one.

If you’re an avid SCUBA diver, and you can safely bring your tank and dive gear aboard, pinpoint an enticing dive spot and suit up. Bring along a buddy to double your fun and increase the odds of a safe, trouble-free dive. Of course, don’t drop your anchor onto a reef, and ensure someone stays on the boat in case an issue arises.

Frame Your Cruise Through a Camera Lens – If you’re constantly intrigued by the world around you, and you look for any excuse to take pictures, boat rentals provide an ideal setting for a photographic study. Bring along your camera gear, and choose one or two subjects to showcase during your trip.

Let’s say you’re focused on capturing water’s many moods. Shoot images of droplets, sea spray, or even your boat’s wake as it disappears behind the stern. Bring sunlight into the mix, and show how water’s appearance changes in varied lighting conditions. If you’re anchored in waters containing phosphorescent organisms, relax under the stars while you view (and photograph) these tiny animals in their marine habitat.

Go Overboard with an Evening Party Game – If you’re out for a two-day cruise, and you’re looking for a first-night activity, toss out some popular small-space party games for consideration. “Name That Tune” and “Charades” are always a hit, and classic card games never get old. Award tasty gourmet snacks or desirable coffee shop gift cards as prizes.

Create Kid-Friendly Bareboat Charter Activities  – If two or more kids will join your bareboat charter crew, engage them with games that involve close attention to the world around them. In sunny south Florida, for example, award a prize to the child who spots the most boats with blue cockpit awnings. Or, buy an ice cream cone for the young boater who counts the most powerboats, sailboats, or seabirds. In other words, make up the game according to the boats and marine creatures around you.

Now that you’ve nailed down some onboard activities, make your boat trip a reality by booking a well-equipped powerboat or sailboat near your homeport. Contact Boatsetter, the leading boat-sharing company that makes it easy for boaters and local boat owners to get together. When you rent a privately owned vessel, you can also hire a licensed Coast Guard captain to handle the boat while you relax and sip a few cold ones.

You’ll find Boatsetter boats in many United States coastal ports and on inland lakes, along with several international boating hotspots.

So, schedule some leisure time on your calendar, find your ideal boat through Boatsetter, and get yourself on the water!

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