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Fall is Nearing, Here are the Fish You Should be Catching

Written by Boatsetter Team
July 28, 2020

Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Some Fish to Catch When You Get a Fishing Boat Rental

When fall arrives, a lot of boaters start winterizing their vessels and putting away their fishing equipment, especially if they own a saltwater fishing boat. This means they are missing out on some of the best fishing there is! After the long, hot summer days, the cooler temperatures and the beautiful autumn colors are simply amazing when you are out on the water. According to Outdoor Command, some of the best bass fishing actually takes place year-round, though strategies for catching these fish varies from season to season. Generally, a freshwater fishing boat charter is better to get in the fall because lakes and rivers can be really attractive during this time. Here are eight of the best types of fish you should try to be catching throughout the fall season, either on your own boat, or if you have packed it away already, on a fishing boat rental from Boatsetter.

Largemouth Bass

It is often easy to catch largemouth bass in lakes and reservoirs simply because there are a lot of them. During fall, many fish swim far away from structures and in open water. Use circling and diving birds to show where some of the fish may be. A good tip is to use long extended points with crank baits in 6–8 feet of water. Get out on the water in your freshwater fishing boat charter as early as possible.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass tend to swim a little deeper, so try long, slender, diving crank baits that can extend up to 30 feet. Tube baits are also good, but you’ll need to match them to the size and color of the fish they eat. A jigging spoon also seems to work well directly from your freshwater fishing boat charter. Use a wide variety of colors and jigging actions to attract as many fish as possible. Sometimes you’ll get fish hitting the spoon after it hits the floor, so just pull it up a few feet and then let it drift back down.


Blue Gill

During the fall, bluegill tend to gather in shallow weeds and rocks and in areas where the floor drops off rapidly. Live bait is the best way to catch these fish from your freshwater fishing boat. During the middle of the day, try using a sinking fly to get as many strikes as you can.


Pike, Perch, and Muskie

During the fall, most lake water temperatures cool off rapidly, so many big pike explore areas where they may not usually be found. When they are in shallow water, they catch smaller fish and so they are vulnerable. Cast big topwater baits in the shallow areas near reeds. If the pike are there, they will certainly take the bait. You might also want to try floating/diving lures. Perch also tend to move into shallower waters as the water temperatures drop in the fall. They are often found in muddy areas. Try small minnow baits that create a lot of action, such as shiny, vibrating lures. Bright colors like orange or red can be especially effective, and flashing blades work really well on sunny days. Muskies also love the cooler, shallower areas. We recommend using large, slow-moving bait in clear water near the shores.


Unlike most of the fish mentioned above, crappies generally don’t seek out the cooler, shallower water as much. From your fishing boat rental, use small tubes and grubs less than two inches long. Crappies often congregate around logs or other wooden structures. On cloudy or windy days when the light doesn’t go very far into the water, crappie may be found within just a few feet of the surface. On bright, sunny days, they will often be near the floor.



Walleyes move into shallower water as surface temperatures start cooling in early fall. When the water temperature drops further, they are usually in deeper waters. These fish tend to eat more during the day. It is a good strategy to use trolling crankbaits, but vary your presentation because every lake is going to be different. Trolling allows you to see where the walleye are moving. They should mostly be near big logs or rocky areas. You can look forward to catching some big walleye because they tend to eat a lot in the fall.


Cooking Up Your Catch

One of the best things about fishing on a freshwater fishing boat charter or a saltwater fishing boat rental is cooking the fish you catch. There is nothing better than having a meal on your fishing boat charter out on the water with your fishing buddies. This is a great reason for you to have a valid fishing license. It is important to know what types of fish you are allowed to keep, as well as the minimum size of those fish. Sometimes, if a fish is too small (or too large), the local regulations stipulate that you need to throw it back into the water. It can be disappointing to have to give up a nice catch when you are out on your fishing boat charter, but that is all part of the sport of fishing.

Here is a list of what it takes to obtain a fishing license in each state. The rules are designed to protect all of the local species. This means that there are very specific guidelines about when you can fish, where you can fish, and what types of fish you can keep. If you have any doubts about the rules, always follow the recommendations of a boat captain, as well as directions from local authorities. You can usually meet plenty of boat captains in bars or restaurants near the river or lake you choose.

Cast Your Line and Let’s See What Happens!

As mentioned above, it is very important to do a bit of research by brushing up on local rules and regulations when it comes to getting a fishing license. Although this may seem like a lot of work, fishing licenses are extremely important. If people did not have to get licenses, rivers and lakes would soon become overfished and many fish could even become extinct. Make sure you know the types of fishing licenses that exist, what you need to do to get them, and how to make sure you are following the specific laws. This way, you will not get fined and you won’t have to throw back those big fish you spent all day trying to catch.

There are plenty of rivers and lakes to explore on your fishing boat charter, where you can try to catch your own meal. If you don’t manage to catch anything, here are some boating tips for foodies that might be useful. But the most important thing is enjoying the peace and quiet of being out on a fishing boat charter. Whatever you prefer doing out on the water, there’s a lake that can check all your boxes for a perfect fishing vacation. You just have to find it!

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