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Here’s the Difference Between a Motorboat and Sailboat Rental

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 18, 2019

Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Some Good Motorboat Rental and Sailboat Rental Options

Have you ever wondered what the difference is when boaters and fishermen talk about when to rent a motorboat and when to rent a sailboat? What are some of the differences you might expect when it comes to deciding whether to rent a motorboat or rent a sailboat? By reading all of the details below, you should soon be able to clearly explain some of the biggest differences between a motorboat rental and a sailboat rental, and also know when to choose each particular type of rental. Boatsetter offers many types of boat for rent, and a lot of these boats are either motorboats or sailboats. Read along below to learn more about each type of boat rental.

Motorboat Rental or Sailboat Rental?

As the name of each type of boat implies, the biggest difference between a motorboat rental and a sailboat rental is the source of power. Sailboat rentals are generally powered by a system of sails, which can come in various shapes and sizes. Motorboat rentals come equipped with a wide range of different inboard and outboard motors. There are quite a lot of technical specifications involved with both kinds of vessels, but sailboats are mostly for people who want to navigate waters by using their own skill and effort. People who mostly plan to fish and relax while on the water might prefer the mechanical aspects of having a motorboat rental. Some boats have sails and motors, like the ones in the Rolex 52 Super Series Championship, held recently in Cascais, Portugal, in extremely challenging and variable windy conditions!

Did you know that it takes one of these sailors just 2-3 seconds to hoist a TP52 spinnaker to the top of the 22-meter mast, at which time the boat is already at a speed of well over 20 knots? So, unless you are an aspiring TP52 world sailor, it is best to start with boats that let you navigate either by sail or motor—in much calmer, gentler waters! Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages to help you choose which type of boat you’d like to try first.

Some Advantages of a Motorboat Rental

It is a good idea to rent a motorboat if you are in a bay or other open ocean area. These boats are ideal for short fishing trips. They are shallow in the water, so you can easily dock them, which is important to gain closer access to beaches and other waterways. Also, when you tow a motorboat, you don’t need to worry about the mast height as much as you would with a sailboat. Much like a car, you can simply get in, turn the key, and go wherever you like. Motorboats are generally much faster than sailboats, even in extremely windy conditions. Motorboats also have more deck space and more interior space. They often feature more amenities like cabins, restrooms, and other larger rooms. Because they are similar to cars, motorboats use their engines to conquer environmental factors so weather conditions are not often a problem. As long as you follow some of the basic boating rules for your chosen location, making the most of a motorboat rental should be quite simple.

Some Disadvantages of a Motorboat Rental

Motorboats rely on fuel so you can easily get stuck far from the shore if you run out. In certain boating locations, it can be expensive to keep the fuel tank filled. Likewise, when you have an engine or two, repairs and maintenance can get expensive. Next, since motorboats have shallower drafts and a higher center of gravity, they can’t deal with windy conditions as well as sailboats, so it can get quite scary out on the water at times. Finally, the loud engine noise on most motorboats can be distracting and annoying if you are out on the water trying to enjoy nature.

Some Advantages of a Sailboat Rental

Sailboats are perfect if you want to connect to the water and weather on a deeper level and enjoy nature to its fullest. It is much easier to relax and hold social events on sailboats because they are much quieter. Sailboats are extremely environmentally friendly because they simply use the wind for power. If you want to travel long distances across open waters, sailboats offer a far better and more economical option. While sailboats do often have small engines to navigate tight conditions and narrow waterways, they are not used very often, so fuel and upkeep costs are much lower than on a motorboat rental.

Some Disadvantages of a Sailboat Rental

Sailing can be very time-consuming because it requires a lot more training and planning. If you are new to the sport, it will take you longer to understand how to sail because you can’t just turn the key and go like when you have a motorboat rental. You have to understand how all of the sailing equipment works, and how wind direction, speed, and ocean tides might affect your trip on the water.

Also, sailboats usually have quite a lot less space on and below deck than most motorboats, which can often feature several levels that can provide shelter when the weather conditions turn bad. The shape of a sailboat’s hull makes it sit lower in the water, so it is hard to sail in shallow waters or get too close to beaches when anchoring. The biggest problem is if the wind is too light or variable, you can’t go where you want to, so you often have to adjust your plans according to the weather conditions.

When to Rent Each Type of Boat

Luckily, with Boatsetter, you don’t necessarily have to choose which type of boat to buy. You can learn how to rent one that meets your specific needs. If you don’t have much time available, it might be best to rent a motorboat for a quick jaunt on a local lake. When you have more time and especially when weather conditions are perfect, you may choose to rent a sailboat instead and follow some of your more exotic boating dreams.

Have you ever marveled at the spectacular motorboats and sailboats in marinas around the world? It is always a good idea to meet some of your fellow boaters and find out what they enjoy doing out on the water. Always remember that you don’t actually have to own one of these boats to live like a millionaire and enjoy the boating lifestyle. It is easy to arrange a motorboat rental or a sailboat rental for whatever length of time you choose.

On certain occasions, you may even want to hire a captain and a full crew for the boat, especially if you are an inexperienced sailor or if you are planning a day of drinking out on the water! We have so many good options available for you, so visit Boatsetter today to see how easy it is to rent a motorboat or to rent a sailboat.

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