Meet Boat Captain Will – A Boatsetter Success Story

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 5, 2017

Captain Will joined the Boatsetter Captain Program 18 months ago as Boat Captain for Hire. In this short time frame, he’s created a new source of revenue that allows him to enjoy a flexible schedule and do what he loves: show others the beautiful spots in the Florida Keys that are only accessible by boat. Captain Will tells his back story in his own words:

Joining Boatsetter as a Boat Captain for Hire has been amazing!

“I started rowing a jon boat on a canal down the street from my house in Fort Lauderdale when I was eight. I have been spending all my time on the water ever since. I took every chance I could to go all over South Florida from Palm Beach to Miami to the Florida Keys. Fishing and diving became a way of life for me so it was only natural that I wanted to work as a captain and get paid to do that every day. I love showing others a great time especially kids and newbies. I was doing pretty good at running private boats, but got tired of being gone for six months or more, traveling with the boat.

I first heard about Boatsetter when a boat owner I worked for asked me to register and get listed as a captain on his boat that he had just listed for charter on the Boatsetter website. After I talked to the Boatsetter people and found out what being a Boat Captain for Hire was all about, I decided to sign up to be a captain on more boats than just his.

Now I am listed as a Boatsetter Boat Captain for Hire on 14 different boats. I get captaining opportunities on a regular basis and only take the jobs I want that work with my schedule. I book many of the charters on my own and can choose the boat that is right for the customer request. I run charters on everything from a 24′ deck boat to a 36′ center console and a 65′ yacht.  I manage three of the boats for the owners and have them on regular maintenance plans that ensure a steady stream of work and income. Boatsetter has put together all the pieces in a way that fits how I want to run my charters. Now I am able to have a successful career as a captain but stay in control of my own schedule.”

Boatsetter is the online community that connects boat owners with Boat Captain for Hire and those who want to go boating, creating new options for the world of boating. Interested captains can register for free on the Boatsetter website today. Connecting with boat owners and boaters in our powerful network while experiencing the freedom to drive your own schedule allows you to earn a living while doing what you love – being a boat captain.

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