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How Different is Monohull Sailing from Catamaran Sailing?

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 24, 2020

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Catamaran sailing has become quite popular and more visible recently. This is probably because catamarans are easier to sail than monohulls, and they can also be safer if you are just getting started as a sailor. In this article, we will explain exactly what a catamaran is and what a monohull is, and also look at some of the ways your experiences will vary while sailing each type of boat. We’ll take a look at some of the sailing terminology that can be useful to know when you rent a catamaran. We’ll also examine whether or not you need to hire a captain to help you on the boat. Finally, you’ll discover that it is easy to rent these types of boats, as well as many others, through Boatsetter.

A Short Definition: What is a Catamaran?

what is a catamaran

The most important feature of a catamaran is that it has two hulls connected to each other by crossbeams. Each of these hulls can contain sleeping rooms or bathrooms. This gives catamarans a lot of individual space, which can be ideal for longer rental periods. Some catamarans also have another level called a flybridge, and sometimes there is a type of netting between the hulls. You’ve probably seen pictures like this of people relaxing on the netting of the boat. A catamaran rental is perfect when you are looking for maximum comfort and relaxation. A ride on a catamaran is usually quite smooth because these types of boats lie very flat on the water, and you can anchor them in shallow water.

Renting a catamaran is often safer than renting other types of boats because catamarans have two engines and two rudders, and there are wide, level decks on the boat with wide passageways. These decks can help passengers with seasickness because they help people feel more secure on the water. This can be a major advantage of renting a catamaran. Also, they are almost impossible to capsize. The only time these boats have been known to flip over is with very high winds, too much sail, or when there are big waves breaking over the boat.

Renting a catamaran is ideal if you are hosting a big party with many tables of food and drink on the boat. On a catamaran, it can almost feel like you are on land (but still surrounded by water!) Weddings or birthday parties are the perfect types of occasions for a catamaran rental. The reason catamarans are so good for parties is that there is no “heeling”, which means that the ship is able to stay level on the water for a large part of the time. This stability makes catamarans more relaxing and convenient for people who may not have quite as much experience as sailors.


A Short Definition: What is a Monohull?

what is a monohull

Monohulls come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and there is no easy way of defining them, except that they are boats propelled partly or entirely by sails. Operating a monohull can be challenging because you need to have a certain level of skill and technical expertise to make the boat go where you want it to go. On a monohull, you usually have the opportunity to learn new sailing skills or improve the ones you already have, like learning how to tie new knots, which certainly can be a complicated process even for the most experienced sailors.

If you rent a monohull, you really need to know what you are doing. If you are an inexperienced sailor and want to learn more about the sport, you might also want to hire a professional captain who can help you on the boat. Among other things, captains can help you solve any mechanical failures, monitor the weather closely, act as an expert in an emergency situation, and help you with docking/undocking or loading/unloading the monohull. Sometimes a captain will offer a wide range of local boating and geographical knowledge as well.

If you decide to rent a monohull, it is best to stay with a size that you are already comfortable with or something only just beyond your skill level. Monohulls shorter than 20 feet without a motor can be fairly easy to control, but you should even have a fair amount of technical expertise when you are trying to sail these boats. The most important thing when you are out on the open water is making sure you and your passengers stay safe.


So Which Type of Boat Would Be Best For Me?

Effective sailing takes a mixture of specific knowledge, technical skills, and a natural instinct for the feel of the boat and the wind. The experience on the water can change depending on whether you rent a catamaran or whether you rent a monohull. The motion of each of the boats is different, you have to trim the sails in different ways, and you also have to deal with several other factors quickly and effectively. As mentioned above, catamarans are better for those who don’t have the same level of sailing skill as other more experienced sailors. For a calm, peaceful cruise without much turbulence, a catamaran is going to be your better choice. 

There is a whole glossary of terms that you will need to know if you decide to rent a monohull. Words and expressions like port, starboard, leeward, halyard, helms alee, rode, tacking, gybing, and eye of the wind are some pretty common sailing terms. We really recommend that you become at least somewhat familiar with some of the boating terminology if you are going to rent a monohull. Here is a shortlist of 10 basic sailing terms that everyone should know.

If you already have a fair amount of experience as a sailor and if you are looking for more action and excitement while cutting through the waves, deciding to rent a monohull is the best option. Just remember that big monohulls can also be hard to handle in rough weather, so always avoid any types of extreme conditions as much as you can. Again, if you don’t want to take on the responsibilities of captaining your ship, we have experienced boat captains available to do all the hard work for you.


How to Rent a Catamaran or Rent a Monohull through Boatsetter 

Whether you want to be completely in charge of your vessel or whether you want to hire a captain on the water, we can help you arrange an incredible trip on either a catamaran rental or if you decide to rent a monohull. Boatsetter connects boat seekers with all types of catamarans and monohulls in many locations throughout the USA as well as internationally. Remember, too, that here at Boatsetter, catamaran rentals and monohull rentals can be booked within a wide range of budgets. To start browsing the entire Boatsetter fleet of catamarans and monohulls, visit Boatsetter and enter in your desired location.

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