Sail the Ocean Blue like Christopher Columbus

Design and technology have come a long way since Columbus sailed the ocean blue back in 1492. With wide decks, automatic furling systems, carbon fiber and multi-hull construction, the sailboats of today are built for stability, performance and dependability.

Sailboat Types

• Sloop sailboats have a single mast. The mast is the vertical pole that holds the sail. • Bermudian sloops have two sails, a foresail and a headsail. • Cutter sailboats have an additional sail, called a staysail, between the foresail and headsail. • Ketch sailboats have a main forward mast and a shorter mast in the back. • Schooners have two or more masts. The main mast is taller than the forward mast. While Christopher and his crew had a compass and celestial navigation, modern-day sailboats feature VHF radios, GPS chart plotters and state-of-the-art sound systems. In honor of Columbus Day, we’ve put together a little list of some of our favorite sailboats. Whether you want to race across the coast, cruise around the bay or just go wherever the wind takes you, there is a sailboat built just for you.

Catalina Capri 22

First manufactured in 1969, the Catalina is one of the world’s longest continuously produced sailboats. Catalina sailboats offer comfort, stability and great performance in all types of weather conditions. Wide cockpits and an enclosable head make this sporty boat a great choice for day sails and extended trips. Racing packages are also available.

Hunter 45 Deck Salon

With two cabins, private bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens and Bose stereo systems, the Hunter 45 is floating luxury. Hunter sailboats are some of the easiest boats to sail, and this catamaran is the perfect choice to take a bareboat cruise with an experienced captain who can teach you new techniques while you enjoy your time on the water.

Islander Freeport 41 Ketch

This monohull sailboat is built for speed, comfort and stability. Sail power combined with a 50 horsepower four-cylinder diesel engine will get you where you’re going. A large salon and spacious decks make sunbathing and lounging comfortably for everyone on board. State-of-the-art electronics, a stereo system, onboard cooking, head and fishing rod holders provide reliability, entertainment and convenience for snorkeling, cruising, sightseeing and fishing excursions.

Tallship/Topsail Schooner

Multiple sails, wooden decks and graceful lines make schooners a joy to watch while underway. Below deck, schooners have luxury salons, private bathrooms, dining areas and entertainment options. If you ever have the chance to sail on one of these magnificent vessels, do it. Whether you’re on a sightseeing tour or enjoying a multi-day cruise, the grace and old-world elegance of the schooner will have you feeling as if you actually are sailing the ocean blue like Columbus. As a new option that has taken the boating world by storm, privately-owned (that can include Captains for the less-experienced boaters) can be rented in cities all over the world. It's as simple as finding the boat, booking the date and showing up - no boat ownership needed, no experience required. Boatsetter is the industry leader with thousands of great boats to choose from in all the top sailing destinations. Let's put some wind in our sails - time to go sailing!


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