Fisher holding a bass while fishing in the rain with rain gear

Spring Fishing Tips to Bring You More Success

Written by Tyler Brick
March 26, 2024

Understanding the nuances of springtime fishing, including weather, water temperature, and water clarity, can significantly improve your chances of success for catching bass, panfish, trout, and other species. As the weather warms, these tips will help you choose the best times to fish, bait and tackle selection, and targeting techniques, along with helping you stay safe and comfortable on the water.

  • Target shallow, warm bays
  • Monitor water temperature
  • Be weather-wise
  • Adapt your tackle
  • Hire a fishing guide / charter

Target shallow, warm bays

Angler fishing on bass boat in Lake Tarpon, Florida

In the spring, shallow bays become prime fishing spots as they are the first to warm up. The sun’s rays penetrate these shallow areas, heating the water and stimulating fish metabolism which leads them to be more aggressive. Due to their low draft, bass boats, smaller skiffs, and even pontoons are typically the most suitable types of boats for fishing shallow water.

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Monitor water temperature

Bluegill caught fishing in the Midwest

Keep a close eye on changes in water temperature since they directly influence fish behavior. Different fish species have specific temperature preferences, so knowing the optimal range for a species can guide your strategy of which fish to target on either a given day, at different periods within the day, or in varying sections of a body of water. As temperatures rise, expect increased activity levels, particularly from species like largemouth bass, sunfish, and crappies, which may begin spawning once certain temperature thresholds are reached. In Spring, fishing typically gets better later into the day.

Be weather-wise

Fisher holding a bass while fishing in the rain with rain gear

While spring brings warmer temperatures, it also results in unpredictable weather patterns. Prepare for varying conditions by packing appropriate gear such as rain gear to shield against unexpected showers. On rough weather days, opt for fishing out of a larger boat for added safety and stability. Being prepared for adverse periods of weather frequently pays off in bites too… many anglers observe an increase in fish activity, especially surface action, during rain or the periods before rain showers when barometric pressure is dropping.

Adapt your tackle

Fisher holding bass caught on a shallow squarebill crankbait

Adjust your tackle selection based on water clarity and weather conditions. During rainy periods when water becomes murky, use tackle with vibrant colors or noise-producing features to increase visibility and attract fish attention. On the other hand, opt for darker baits in clear water to avoid spooking cautious fish. Additionally, incorporate search baits like shallow crankbaits, spinnerbaits, or chatterbaits to cover more water efficiently and you’ll have a better chance of locating active fish. Once fish are spawning and up on their beds, try downsizing and using smaller baits to entice more bites.

Hire a fishing guide / charter

Fishing guide pointing out where an angler should cast their line

For hands-on instruction, consider hiring a guide for the day. Fishing guides and charter captains are on the water almost every day with a close eye on conditions. They provide local and technical knowledge along with the necessary fishing gear to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable day on the water. Whether you’ve fished hundreds of times or you’re new to fishing, a good guide aims to make your day stress-free and will be flexible to the goals you have in mind for your trip.

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