7 Reasons South Florida is a Great Place for Boat Rentals

If you love boating but don't own a boat, you  probably already know the "work around" - boat rentals. Renting a boat is the perfect way to be a boater without owning a boat for many people because they don't have to worry about the financial outlay required for purchase as well as the time and maintenance associated with boat ownership.

Boat Rentals in South Florida - Perfect for Everyone!

Boat rentals are well suited for the non-owner and owner alike for many reasons. A boat owner might need a larger vessel for his or her upcoming event. Alternatively, the boat owner might be traveling in a destination far away from where his or her boat is docked, making boat rentals a great vacation option. And, boat owners who are shopping for a new boat also find boat rentals a great way to try it, before you buy it! For the novice boater, boat rentals can include a captain which allows the newbie to learn some insider tips and relax - knowing the expert's at the helm. Here are some reasons why South Florida is one of the best locations for boat rentals whether you are experienced, already own a boat or are just getting your feet wet: 7-It's known as the boating capital of the world! Your selection for boat rentals in South Florida is huge. 6-Fort Lauderdale, the Venice of the Americas, boasts 300 miles of inland waterways perfect for cruising trips during boat rentals. 5-The Gulf Stream is calling all anglers: easy to access just off the South Florida shoreline during your fishing boat rentals. 4-If seeing natural beauty among the coral Reefs while snorkeling or diving is the goal, South Florida has many havens from Miami to Palm Beach with boat rentals available right onshore. 3-The Florida Keys are next door. Boat rentals in South Florida can head to the Keys for fun in the sun including sightseeing, dinner cruises, fishing and world-class diving. 2-Only 48 miles to the Bahamas - That's only a hop, skip and jump! 1-It's December, the sun is shining and it's 80 degrees out. Enough said... If these seven reasons South Florida is a perfect place for boat rentals aren't enough for you, there is more to consider...boat rentals are easier and better than ever thanks to companies like Boatsetter. Boatsetter, the leader in the boat sharing marketplace, has allowed boat owners to "share" their privately-owned boats with renters who are looking for the true private boat rental experience. Boat rentals with Boatsetter are easy to book with a huge selection of all sizes and makes of boats available for rent in South Florida and worldwide, a free 24 hour cancellation policy and licensed captains that can be added to boat rentals for added peace of mind. The sun is shining in South Florida; it's a great day to go boating! What are your boating plans?


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