The Guide to Boating on a Lake

Cruise in the Lake of the Ozarks today!

Spanning an area of 54,000 acres, the lake is twisting and turning over the land as if it’s an ancient, tired dragon that decided this will be its resting place. Despite the looks and ancient sounding name, this lake was made in the 1920s, after impounding the Osage River in the northern part of the Ozarks in central Missouri. Its characteristic shape, the narrowness of the lakebed and the combination of vessel sizes all prove to be a challenge fit only for experienced sailors. Therefore, if you’re looking for a challenge, this is the right place for you! Pay attention to your surroundings and sail away into the adventure, because that’s what you’ll get with your Lake Ozarks boat rental.

Visit Lake of the Ozarks Party Place

Party Cove is exactly what you’d expect to find when you hear that name. This rowdy gathering spot has been around for over 50 years, making such an impact that the New York Times took notice and wrote about it, calling it “oldest established permanent floating bacchanal in the country”. This hedonist locale is pretty large, almost a mile long and as wide as 200 yards. Party cove can easily be accessed by your boat rental. Over the weekends, it can attract over 3,000 boats with its passengers looking only to let go and enjoy life completely for the duration of their stay.  And for those seeking a thrill that can only be gotten from taking a risk, the area around this cove is pretty dangerous, so keep yourselves sober when you’re entering and exiting! 

Fishing for Snakes

One of the things to do at Lake of the Ozarks this weekend is fishing. You should be careful, though. Not only that the lake is shaped as a serpentine, but there are also swimming serpentines in the water. Now, that could make swimming difficult, but fishing? Oh, it gets so much more fun when there’s a wild card involved. Big risks involve big rewards, and who doesn’t like the best reward there is? The battle with a 100-pound bass to feel the thrill of subduing the monster to your will and then being merciful and letting it back into the water, to live and fight another day. The Magical Dragon is loaded with catches, from small fish, perfect for anglers, to big game fish for all those chasing a thrill. Spotted bass, catfish, paddlefish, you name it! The Dragon has it. And all you need to do is drop the hook underwater!

Explore the Wonders of Lake Ozark’s Bridal Cave

Called one of the most scenic caverns in the United States of America, the Bridal Cave has more formations per square foot than any other known cave or cavern in the United States. Your kid’s imagination will light up the place and it’ll look even more wondrous than it was before you stepped it. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for artistic inspiration? Look no further, there are no better inspirational motifs than the ones mother nature has made herself. Take a walk, relax from all the everyday stress, and enjoy the mesmerizing formations that adorn this cave. Easily accessible from your Lake Ozraks boat rental, and with nooks and crannies that are waiting for you to explore them and discover the fascinating natural structures hiding in there, Bridal Cave is a perfect place for a family getaway. Just dock up at the shore, enjoy the tour and go back to your boat rental for a lovely meal on board.

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