Discover the Coolest Boating Spots Around San Francisco

Are you visiting San Francisco? Perhaps you live there. This vibrant city not only offers an abundance of onshore activities, it offers tons of cool spots and nature reserves to check out by boat too. Boat rentals in San Francisco offers you a front row, or should we say ‘front bow glimpse’, of some of the best boating spots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let’s take a further look!

Exciting Boat Rentals in San Francisco

Are you on the lookout for the coolest and most action-filled places to check out by boat in the San Fran Bay area? We have crafted the top destinations to check out. Ayala Cove, Angel Island: If you are looking for a casual day trip, look no further than this lovely cove. It features bay-side dining with some of the best seafood you’ll ever have, as well as hiking trails and the famous Knoc Point Lighthouse. Hop back on your boat and head back to shore as this place offers the ideal day trip for those who enjoy only a few hours on the water. Marina Bay Yacht Harbor: If you are looking to get away from it all, this is the place to be. With roots stemming back to WWII and women’s rights movements, this harbor is full of history, walking trails, and a common area that boasts fun amenities as well as a harbor to dock your boat at while you explore. Downtown Sausalito: There are plenty of slips to go around here at Sausalito. Dock up and take a lovely walk through this quaint Bay town. It boasts magnificent views of San Fran as well as the Golden Gate Bridge: an iconic feature of this city. Pick a waterfront restaurant and dine among the ocean views. With any luck, you’ll spot a wild whale or sea lion in their natural habitat. This place is great for families with kids. Bair Island, Redwood City: Craving a true taste of San Fran? Cruise your vessel over to this historic  Italian port and enjoy it’s authentic ambience. With lots of dining areas and bars to choose from, you are bound to find a spot that suits your desire here at Redwood City. Explore the Old Port Lobster Shack or the San Francisco Bay National WIldlife Refuge and take in the giant Redwood and Sequoia trees. These destinations become enhanced when you can cruise over to them by your own private boat. Enjoy picture perfect, postcard quality photo opportunities and the true San Fran Bay area experience that you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to get to them by sailboat or powerboat, exploring everything that this diverse city has to offer can be done by any vessel you choose. Boat rentals in San Francisco   are available for whichever occasion or budget your are within. Need a captain? No worries! Boat rentals come with the option to have a captain so that you can sit back and enjoy what this city has to offer. Book a yacht, sailboat or cruiser and set sail in San Fran today!


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