The #1 Thing to Do with Dad on Father’s Day

What's the #1 Thing Dads in South Florida want for Father’s Day? Answer - get out on the water and go boating! Father's Day is almost here and you know what that means: it’s time to celebrate the Dads in our lives! Fathers work hard and, often, thanklessly all year long. They support silently, lead by example and make small sacrifices that,many times, no one even knows about. They keep their families humming smoothly along. Don’t miss this yearly chance to tell them thank you on Father’s Day in a way that there’ll be sure to  remember. If your South Florida Dad loves going boating but doesn’t own a boat, spending the holiday out on the water is still within reach. Boat charters are more accessible than ever as the “sharing economy” continues to invigorate the boating marketplace. Boatsetter has created a seamless and easy way to navigate online community that connects boaters (even ones who have no experience out on the water at all), boat owners, and US Coast Guard-certified captains. Now, renting a boat (also known as chartering a boat) is an entertainment consideration for anyone whether they have any experience boating or not. No boat ownership needed! With a captained charter booked online, it’s almost as easy as making a dinner reservation and definitely easier than trying to think of a better way to spend this Father’s Day. There are many reasons to charter a boat with a captain, including:
  • You want to get out on the water but have no experience boating. The captain takes care of everything. You and your group just shows up to have some fun.
  • If your boat’s too small. Leave your boat at home and charter one that fits the size of your group.
  • You’re out of your neck of the woods. Leave the driving to a local captain and don’t waste time and effort towing your boat to your destination.
  • You want to go snorkeling, fishing or diving and have no idea where to go. Captains are experts, they’ll guide you to the best spots.
There are many more reasons we could list to illustrate why chartering a captained boat is a great idea and an easy way to have fun…but getting back to the topic of conversation, the number one reason to charter a captained boat in June - Father’s Day! The special dad in your life will love your surprise of a boating adventure. The look in his eyes as you spend the day snorkeling, deep sea fishing or just cruising at sunset will make this Father’s Day one for the memory books. Boatsetter makes it easy to impress with fully captained charters, lots of great boats to choose from, all the most sought after Florida boating locations. Let dad sit back enjoy the (boat) ride and let someone else do the heavy lifting for a change.


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