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How to be a Five Star Boat Rental Captain

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 22, 2017

Boat captains have found a whole new career option with the emergence of the sharing economy and boat sharing. In the same way that Uber has created a new gig option for those who want to drive cars for a living or Airbnb has created an option for homeowners with an extra room to earn income. Boat sharing paves the way for experienced (and licensed) captains to make a living, doing what they love: running boats!

The beauty of the boat sharing industry, from a captain’s point of view, is that he or she can now control their work schedules as well as their futures. They can be land-based, do it part-time and even start a business and earn money through affiliated boats on their days off.

Boatsetter has rose to the top of the young boat sharing industry by offering the largest network of Coast Guard-licensed captains, an attention to quality, safety, customer service and in-depth boating knowledge.  Joining the Boatsetter captain team is free and easy to get started today. Remember, you’re in charge of your price and your availability. In fact, around Boatsetter, we have a saying for our captains: You Rule!

Boatsetter prides itself on the solid support it provides its boat captains. We’re here to assist every step of the way, starting with a multitude of tips to set a good foundation for success as a Boatsetter boat captain.

Boat Rental Captains Get More Requests By Following These Tips:

Start with a great profile – You’re great. You know it; we know it; let’s make sure all the boat owners and potential boat renters know it! Your profile on is your online calling card. It’s important to follow a few important guidelines:

  • Don’t leave out details: Make sure you include all the relevant licenses, training courses, certifications as well as work and personal experiences in your profile.
  • Upload good pictures: A picture tells a story! Look professional and show some of your unique personality through great images.

Set a competitive price – Obviously, one of the key components of your success as a Boatsetter captain is getting paid! Setting your fee can be complicated for a new captain…you want to be paid (nicely) for your expertise but you also want to attract some attention. When setting your price, it’s good idea to check out what captains similar to you charge and also factor in your level of hungriness. Of course, if you have questions, the Boatsetter team is also on standby to help!

Be responsive to rental requests – When a potential boat rental is requested online, it triggers a message to you to confirm your availability. Of course, there will be instances when you are not free, but the more responsive you are the more Boatsetter opportunities will come your way!

Be on time – As the saying goes, If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. One of the best ways to make a good impression with the boat renters is to be there to greet them. In many cases, they don’t know where to go and are unsure. Seeing you approach and help them board the boat upon arrival sets the tone for the entire boat rental.

Dress to impress – Of course, we all know, boating is usually a casual affair but having a Boatsetter shirt or similar collared shirt on during the boat rental will instill a bit of confidence in you as a professional captain.

Know the area you are working in – As any good boat captain knows, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan! Your renters may have expressed that they wanted to go snorkeling but one guest decides dockside dining is a better idea. By having lots of options and possible suggestions regarding the local area in your back pocket, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression on your boat rental passengers.

Add value  – By taking note of your boat rental guests’ plans, you may be able to make a suggestion or comment to add value to their boating excursion. For example, you might over hear that they love seafood and say “Have you tried this local hot spot?” or “I know you want to head north but the weather looks sketchy in the area you suggested, should we try this?” or “I heard through the grapevine where a fish are biting this AM…”

Interaction – Find the right balance as the situation dictates. Being in the background to assist, answer questions and make a connection is part of the boat captain’s role without overpowering the guests’ interaction with one another.

Safety First – The most important job of the boat captain is the safety of the passengers and the boat. Of course, an entire book could be written on this subject but in the meantime…it had to on the list! Check out some basic safety tips and, of course, stay up to date on all recommendations of the US Coast Guard regarding boating safety.

Your success as a Boatsetter boat rental captain is within grasp as you follow some basic guidelines to add value and support to the boat renters when you set sail. The Boatsetter team is always standing by to assist you when you need us. Do you have any good tips to add to this list? Please do share your secrets…

If you are looking for a new way to earn a living doing what you love, considering a career change or interested in exploring the Boatsetter boat captain program further, just let us know…we’ll get you started.

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