Video – Former Miami Dolphin, Jason Taylor shares his top boating tips

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 12, 2017

Boatsetter is proud to welcome a new Boatsetter to its boating community. Jason Taylor, former Miami Dolphin, future NFL Hall of Famer and now – Boatsetter, shares his top boating do’s and don’ts with us. Listen up boaters and “don’t be that guy!”

Jason Taylor’s Top Boating Tips

#1: No shoes needed!

When in doubt, take your shoes off when boarding the boat. Don’t leave a trail of scuff marks or track dirt all over a clean white boat. That’s one sure way to annoy the boat owner and show that you’re a rookie.

#2: Respect your neighbors!

Going boating is all about having fun. When you kick off your boat party just be sure to mind your neighbors. Sound really carries out on the water. If you know your group is going to get pumped up, leave ample space between you and your neighbors so everyone can have a great time.

#3: Speak the language!

Impress your friends with a few nautical terms that boaters use. Here are a few basics to get you started:

  •  “Aft” means the back of the boat (also known as the stern),
  • Bow” is the front of the boat
  • Port” is the left side of the boat when facing the bow, or front, of the boat
  • Starboard” is the right side of the boat when facing the bow.

Casually throw a few of these terms around and your boating “cred” will skyrocket.

#4: The clothes make the boater!

It’s not all about looking good. There are some rules as to what to wear and not wear on your boat day… Sunglasses, hat, scarves all tend to fly off when your boat gets to speed – choose options that will stay on. Don’t get too fancy – comfort is key. Be prepared for any kind of weather and don’t forget sunscreen.

Have any great boating tips for new boaters? Please share. We’d love to add to Jason’s list.

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