San Francisco: The 5 Must-Sees by Boat

With a San Francisco boat rental, even the closest destinations feel like you are on vacation, that is the beauty of San Francisco.  With a boat rental in this city, you are bound to see breathtaking vistas, natural beauty, and the world-renowned San Francisco Bay. There are a host of things to do once you are on your boat rental in San Fran. Let’s take a look: San Francisco Waterfront: As you tour around the waterfront in San Fran, you will immediately notice the large mix of restaurants, piers, hotels, commercial docks, and waterfront eateries. There are also almost 40 marinas located around the waterfront and bay area here and house vessels of all sizes and types. Pier 39: This is the most popular and well-known pier out of them all in the city. Once you are here, visitors have access to the Aquarium of the Bay, a large aquarium featuring a variety of sea creatures. Visitors can also visit one of the numerous bars, restaurants, book a bay voyage, rent bikes, walk the Golden Gate Bridge, and so much more! The pier also boasts boat rentals of all sorts so you can enjoy San Fran from a different view. Sea lions: San Fran is known for their abundance of wildlife living right in the ocean off of the city. Know as the ‘Sea Lebrities’ these wild sea lions can be seen from many spots in throughout the city, including popular Pier 39. They feed off of herring and do to the major supply of it here, the population of sea lions here is growing healthily. Spot one for yourself! They make quite the noise so it’s hard not to miss one when you hear them. Wine Tasting: A day on the boat, although more fun than anything, can be tiring. Relax at one of the many wine tasting venues that this city has to offer. One of the most popular wine tasting places is the floating wine-tasting room which overlooks impressive views of the bay. The tasting takes place in a 1958 cabin top cruiser which is decorated in a Neptune Classic design. This is an award-winning California winery that is a must see when you visit. Alcatraz: Board the ferry and arrive a few minutes later (a short 1.25 miles off shore), at this eerie old military prison. This prison was home to some well-known inmates including Bird Man, who’s exact jail cell can be seen when you visit the island. See the famous lighthouse for yourself, view the giant seagulls that call this island home, and take a self-guided tour of the jail itself with a personal set of earphones. You are sure to leave with goosebumps after this unique tour! San Francisco is so unique in itself, as it offers an abundance of things to do and see. The climate here cannot be pinpointed, as it is warm and cool with a constant humid air and stiff Pacific breeze. Check out the city for yourself! You will not be disappointed. Want more information and itinerary information for your next trip? Check out our detailed San Francisco boat rental guide here!


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